Is it a foot-in-mouth, if Howard Stern does it?

Maybe not, since it is pretty much the shock jock’s job to offend people, but the rare occasion has come when Howard Stern himself has apologized, NY Daily News reports. Well, sort of. After Stern called Girls creator Lena Dunham a “little fat chick” in one of his radio rants, he later had this to add: “I felt bad because I really do love the show Girls," he said on air Monday (January 14). "I admire the girl who writes it. It makes me feel bad, and I think she is getting the impression that I somehow think she's just a talentless little fat chick.” Wonder how people got that idea.

To her credit, Dunham’s response to Stern’s trolling was quite gracious: "I think Howard Stern's really earned the right to freedom of speech," she told the Daily News' [email protected] column at the "Girls" second-season premiere event. After her success at the Golden Globes, Dunham can certainly afford to be noble, and it’s made Stern alter his words as well: "Good for her. It's hard for little fat chicks to get anything going." What, did anyone actually expect Howard Stern to be nice?