The third season of Girls has been mildly disappointing so far, but when our heroines don’t have to face any major changes or life decisions, they actually look a lot like real people. Case in point: this week’s episode, which saw the gang’s resident Type A control freak Marnie try to take everyone on a successful vacation to “heal”. The healing in question wouldn’t be done at the Hamptons where, according to Marnie, “the beach is far too close to J Crew”, but to the North Fork. Cue aggressive healing.

Girls Cast, Season 1 Promo Still
The Girls need to heal, but Marnie might not have picked the best way.

Marnie has a whole list of planned activities, including (but not limited to) having fun together, proving to everyone via Instagram that the ladies can still have fun as a group, healing, healing at dinner, writing their wishes down on pieces of paper and then throwing them into a bonfire so that they can come true, grocery shopping, facemasks… etc. The list does not include having too many North Fork Fizzes, but who needs lists anyway.

Marnie’s Weekend of Extremely Organized Fun doesn’t really work out, but the episode does feature a montage of pool fun, so there is at least a little bit of fun involved. At one point Elijah moves on and we wonder whether this show will ever move on from Season 1. Of course, Hannah spends the weekend in nothing but her bathing suit, completely refusing to wear pants (as per protocol). So are the Girls finally back to being funny? That depends on whether you ever thought they were.