When 07.08.2012

'Underworld' director and wife of Kate Beckinsale, the film's star, Len Wiseman unlocks his parked vehicle with his car key as he approaches it on Los Angeles' Sunset Boulevard. He is dressed fairly simply in a black V-neck shirt, black pants and light coloured plimsolls.

Wiseman, 39, has most recently been directing the remake of 'Total Recall' in which his wife also stars as well as the fourth instalment of the 'Underworld' series, 'Underworld: Awakening'. The director recently compared the 'Total Recall' story to the popular social networking site Facebook, commenting to the Huffington Post, 'You create whoever you want to be. You put a profile together. You're selecting: . 'I wanna be thought of as this!'. And some people, I think, live as a different person, that they want to be, on Facebook.' He added: 'It's an ultimate escape; and it's not always a safe one.'


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