Review of Big Weekend Album by Lemonade

Review of Lemonade's album Big Weekend

Lemonade Big Weekend Album

No lo me gusta. That's Spanish for I don't like it, but I didn't want to start a review off so negatively as just saying: I don't like it. So I cleverly used another language. Yes, this is dance music, and No I am not a huge fan of dance music, but I can generally find something in dance music I do like. I struggled with this however.

Maybe there are fans out there who enjoy regurgitated dance music from ten years ago. It seems the fizzy little New York creators simply chucked every little dance trick from the last decade onto each track. Admittedly, if 'Spirit Traders' was toned down slightly and some guitars added on there it would probably be drastically improved. The vocal part of the track was OK.

I can't really see a point to this music. . . maybe I'm too old - well I'm only 30; too stupid - but I have a PhD; maybe it's because I can't dance very well - admittedly I can't dance very well, although I do do a mean Yo-Yo dance, complete with invisible Yo-Yo!

The only use I can see for this music is maybe set to one of these modern computer game things the kids are playing these days, something like Tetris or Donkey Kong.


Pablo Roffey

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