Review of Don't Give It Up Single by Lemar


Lemar Don’t Give It Up Epic - Single Review

Lemar  Don’t Give It Up  Epic - Single Review

Don’t Give It Up Epic

Uk Release Date August 1st

One of the big tracks at his recent concerts, “Don’t Give It Up” is a strong, positive song. That explains how the youth of today dont need to give into peer pressure as far as their sexuality is concerned. Inspired by a young lady that Lemar bumped into outside a school near his fathers home in Tottenham. She was bunking off from school to see her slightly older boyfriend, Lemar explained that if he really loved her he would wait, she need not rush into anything. A good positive message in this day and age of gun

crime & disrespectful music. Lemar shows you can approach an issue that many maybe scared of and still deliver a hit. It’s the album version that is by far and away the best version. C&J deliver a reasonably good mix but in truth it isn’t that different from the original and offers nothing that the original has already achieved albeit slightly more soulful. A must for its original version anyway.