Review of Tic Toc Single by Lemar

Tic Toc
RCA / White Rabbit
Uk Release Date March 19th / Available On Download Now
Single Review

Lemar Tic Toc Single

In its original version this track is of the ilk of a sixty's soul track from the likes of Sam Cook, "Tic Toc" basically is a track that makes the memory think of warm sunny days. But it is the remix that is getting the juices of the R&B and urban fraternity flowing. It's the use of Color Me Bads " I Wanna Sex U Up" that has got the attention of radio such as Choice FM, Galaxy etc. Lemar again delivers a quality vocal performance and the song matches the quality of the vocal performance which all should add up to another hit for the UK's Soul Man..

Real Urban Appeal 4/5 Hit Appeal 4/5

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