Review of Weight Of The World Single by Lemar

Review of Lemar's single 'Weight Of The World' released through Sony.

Lemar Weight Of The World Single

A sensitive and sentimental track Lemar's feeling the pain of loss from love lost. It's a track for those broken hearts and weeping reflections. Unfortunately it seems a bit too dross for its own
good. Lemar is a talented r'n'b singer and past talent show aside, he can do better than this. His contemporaries such as Rihanna are trying production ideas that incorporate 80's pop and cross over for chart success but 'Weight Of The World' is too soft, and perhaps he should look more at what his contemporaries are doing.

There's nothing wrong with being heartfelt, it's just D'Angelo made it sound cool and Lemar's not pulling it off.

Tareck Ghoneim

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