Leighton Meester wants to make a sequel to ‘Exmas’.

The 37-year-old actress stars in the new festive comedy as Ali, whose former fiancé Graham (Robbie Amell) travels home to surprise his family for Christmas, only to find them celebrating with his old flame, and she had such a good time making the movie, she’d love to do it all again.

She told Best magazine: “The fun was constant! This is the most fun I’ve ever had on a set, which I think also comes across when you watch the movie…

“I just want a sequel right away.”

And Leighton thinks there are enough funny outtakes from the movie that would make a film in their own right.

She said:” I’m sure there’s so much footage of us all behind the scenes just cracking up and that could make a movie of itself.

“It felt very much like a real family right away, everybody was getting along so well, beyond what I could have imagined.

“The dynamics were so cosy, comfortable, supportive – and, above all, hilarious.

“Everybody brought something different – there were little things that didn’t even make the movie.”

One particular scene was something the actress will never forget.

She said: “One of the funniest times was just going round the table with a fish-eye lens on camera and seeing each actors reactions when a pot brownie is going into their system.

“Just sitting back and trying to hold it together when everyone is giving their best stoned performance to the camera, it was impossible to keep it together.”