August is the peak of summer time which means sun, fun and festivals. If you're a festival first-timer it can be quite daunting not knowing what to expect spending the weekend on a 24 hours party field. So, whether you're going to RiZe, Reading, Creamfields or Boomtown, you need to know these tips to help get you through.

Festival Audience

5. Pack light

Packing for festivals is not like packing for a regular weekend away. You need to be prepared to hike through fields before you get to your camping spot, so if it's not essential - don't take it!

You'll make it a lot easier for yourself when making your way over, and you'll be even more grateful when you're heading back home. The last thing you want after a heavy weekend is to be carrying bags of stuff you didn't even use.

So take the minimum! You'll thank yourself later.

4. Take dried foods

Be sure to take some long shelf life snacks to keep you going. Buying food at festivals is pricey and you'll no doubt be queueing for a long time.

Although the odd burger van hotdog is necessary (especially when hungover) - it'll be worth taking some food for in between.

Avoid messy foods and snacks that can explode on your belongings. The last thing you want is to turn up and realise your new sequin hotpants are covered in squashed banana.

Cereal bars, crisps, nuts, carrot sticks and hummus are all great snack hacks for festivals.

3. Stay hydrated

It's likely you'll be looking forward to attending a festival to drink alcohol and party, but it's really important to stay hydrated. Take plenty of bottled water and keep drinking it throughout the day.

With any luck the weather will be hot, so you'll need it!

And speaking of hot weather...

Festival Audience 2

2. Sun cream

We sound like your mum, right? Well they know best, so take the advice. There's nothing worse than sunburn when you're just trying to have a good time - so slap on some SPF in the morning. It takes five minutes and will potentially save you the agony of sunburn later on.

Plus, do you really want to look like a tomato on all the pics?

1. Enjoy it

It goes without saying, and it'll be hard not to. Let your hair down and don't take it too seriously. Spilt wine all over your sleeping bag? Tent splattered in mud? Got your welly stuck in a bog? Roughing it is all part of the fun and games, so embrace every moment.

by Katie Haseldine

(Originally published on Female First)