Lee Ryan is to release more albums with Blue.

The 26-year-old star - who is currently working on his solo album 'Confessions' at the same time as releasing his first movie 'The Heavy' - plans to reunite with his bandmates Antony Costa, Duncan James and Simon Webbe soon, despite his partner Sammi Millar's worries he won't have any spare time to spend with their 16-month-old son Rayn.

Discussing plans to record with the boy band, Lee said: "Yes, we will do a few more together. But I'm doing my solo album right now. My single 'Secret Love' is out on the radio and is out on May 1.

"Ah it's going to be busy, I know, my girlfriend is going mad. She keeps going to me, 'I'm never going to see you!' "

Lee and Sammi have been dating since 2007, after they met through social networking website MySpace.

While taking a break from his singing career, Lee has shot British gangster film 'The Heavy', in which he stars alongside Vinnie Jones, Christopher Lee and Gary Stretch.

The singer-and-actor believes he is lucky to have so much going on.

He added to BANG Showbiz: "You know, it's a very crucial time right now. I've been away for about four years and to come back with my first single, have a film in the cinema with this cast, and to have a solo deal with an album coming out is a bit mental right now. But I feel very, very privileged right now.

"Hopefully, 2010 is going to be a great year!"