A previously teased Led Zeppelin documentary has wrapped filming.

'Becoming Led Zeppelin' is the upcoming feature film by director Bernard MacMahon, which documents the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ rockers' "meteoric rise to stardom".

The filmmaker said in a press release: “'Becoming Led Zeppelin' is a film that no one thought could be made. The band’s meteoric rise to stardom was swift and virtually undocumented. Through an intense search across the globe and years of restoration of the visual and audio archive found, this story is finally able to be told.”

Fans can expect "unprecedented access" to the band, in what marks "the first and only time they have participated in a documentary in 50 years."

The documentary includes new interviews with Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones, plus archive footage of the late John Bonham - who tragically passed away in 1980, aged just 32, after he choked to death on his own vomit.

A release date for 'Becoming Led Zeppelin' is yet to be announced.

Meanwhile, it was previously claimed that the band was “ready” to tour again after their 2007 reunion.

Jimmy, Robert, John Paul, and late original drummer John's son Jason got back together for a one-off show at London’s O2 as part of a tribute to late Atlantic Record President Ahmet Ertegun, and guitarist Jimmy revealed they had initially planned to do more than just a single show, but further dates just never materialised.

Noticeably not mentioning singer Robert, he said in 2020: “We'd had a lot of fun up to that point in the rehearsals because mainly it was the three of us.

“There'd be Jason [Bonham], John Paul Jones and myself playing together, so that Jason felt really part of the band, as opposed to like he's there because he's John's son. He was there because he was a damn good drummer and it was right that he should be sitting in that seat. But he needed to know that.

“And yeah, a lot of rehearsals went into it. We were ready for it.

“It had been said that there was going to be a tour. There weren't any dates put in, but obviously we had honed ourselves to the point where we were ready.”

Robert, meanwhile, was adamant a tour hasn't been discussed since, and he has ruled it out from ever happening again.

He added: “But then there has not been any discussion about any tour ever since - nor will there be. So there you go. It's just one of those weird, odd things in the world of Led Zeppelin, really, another part of the Led Zeppelin phenomenon."