The brains behind Led Zeppelin's new concert movie Celebration Day has urged fans not to read too much into the release of the film surrounding the group's 2007 reunion, insisting the project merely captures a magical musical moment in time.

The band came together to honour late mentor Ahmet Ertegun in London and they asked video director and frequent collaborator DICk Carruthers to shoot the one-off gig and beam images onto screens set up at the O2 Arena.

Years later, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones opted to dig the footage out of the band's vaults and take a look.

Carruthers says, "As John Paul Jones says, five years is five minutes in Zeppelin time... There's a band who, if they wanna sit on something until the time is right, they will. They're not hurried by any of the commercial pressures that might apply to another band.

"All that happened was several years later, there was just a phone call and they said, 'Well, can we have a look at it then? Let's get the stuff out and let's have a look at it.'

"So we had two viewing days and we showed them what you call a line cut... and they were pretty blown away. I hadn't really seen the footage either and we realised it was something very special indeed."

After the viewing it was decided the footage should be edited for a cinema release before hitting stores as a souvenir of Led Zeppelin's final get together.

And Carruthers is dismayed that so many people are using the film's upcoming release to crank up speculation about a Led Zep reunion tour.

He adds, "I do think the whole will-they-won't-they go on tour thing preoccupies far too much of the media's attention. This really isn't about that."

Asked if there has been any talk about another get together since the 2007 show he filmed, Carruthers says, "Let's put it this way, it hasn't happened in the last five years since the reunion show."

Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day will be released in cinemas around the world on 17 October (12) for a limited engagement. The Dvd will go on sale a month later (Nov12).