Leann Rimes wobbly performance on The X Factor stage left fans scratching their heads last night, with the country star seeming a little unstable.

TMZ.com described the duet with Carly Rose Sonenclar as "a weird performance that has a lot of people wondering if she hit the bottle before taking the mic." 

The website interpreted one instance when Rimes clutched Carly Rose as her attempting to "maintain her balance," adding that she "seemed to meander as the song went along." Rolling Stone described Carly Rose's performance as "one hot mess," though added, "In her defense, it wasn't her fault. The blame falls squarely on her duet partner LeAnn Rimes." Really going for the jugular, the magazine added, "Rimes' greasy-haired, skin and bones dumpster-diver look was a total distraction. We couldn't take our eyes off her. She's only 30 - what in the hell happened to her? However, even if we had covered our eyes, the song was still a disaster." As a previous frontrunner for the competition, it seems Carly's chances of winning The X Factor may have been severely dented by the duet with Rimes. 

Tweeting on Thursday, the singer - now married to actor Eddie Cibrian - said, "It's cold in la la land! Just in time for Christmas!!!"

Watch LeAnn Rimes and Carly Rose's Disastrous Performance Below: