Leah Remini has said Kirstie Alley’s death is “very sad” after the pair spent years feuding over Scientology.

The actress, 52, told Rolling Stone of her grief after ‘Cheers’ star Kirstie, 71, died on December 5 aged 71 after a brief cancer battle.

Ex-Scientology member Leah said: “The news of Kirstie Alley’s passing is very sad.

“Although Scientologists don’t believe in prayers, my prayers do go out to her two children, who are now without their mom.”

Leah added she hoped Kirstie’s children William ‘True’, 30, and her 28-year-old daughter Lillie could “one day free themselves of this dangerous and toxic organisation”.

The actress, now a critic of Scientology since quitting it in 2013 after growing up in the organisation, also questioned whether Kirstie’s devotion to it impacted her cancer treatment.

She said: “While it has been reported that Kirstie sought conventional cancer treatment, which gave her a fighting chance, the majority of Scientologists do not seek treatment until it’s too late.

“Scientologists are convinced they can cure themselves of diseases like cancer.

“It’s one of the more sinister things they promise. And because Scientology claims to be an exact science, not a faith, its members are brainwashed into believing these false claims as guarantees.”

Kirstie credited Scientology with helping her overcome a cocaine addiction after she joined the group in the 1970s and remained a devotee for the rest of her life.

The organisation said after her death: “Kirstie Alley was a beloved member of our Church, a champion for drug rehabilitation and a passionate advocate for human rights.”

In November 2015, Leah told Howard Stern how Kirstie “couldn’t talk” to her if they met because she had been “shunned” from the group.