Lea Seydoux says her casting in 'Spectre' felt ''like a dream''.

The 29-year-old French actress has revealed she was invited to star alongside Daniel Craig in the eagerly-awaited new Bond movie during a lunchtime conversation with director Sam Mendes, who also helmed the 2012 hit 'Skyfall'.

She recalled: ''Sam invited me for lunch and said, 'Do you want to be part of the film?' And I said yes.

''But for me it wasn't really real. I felt I was in a dream. So I was, 'Yeah ... I mean, yes'.''

Lea also claimed to be in the dark about specific aspects of the plot, which is a closely-guarded secret among people connected to the film.

She told ITV's 'Lorraine': ''I like that it's a question. They'll see, you'll see. I mean, even me I haven't seen anything.''

Meanwhile, 'Spectre' producer Michael G Wilson recently denied that the script was significantly changed to secure incentives in Mexico.

The producer conceded there were incentives linked to 'Spectre', but insisted they weren't anything unusual in the film industry.

He explained: ''Everywhere we go we have incentives.

''Sometimes they're taxes; sometimes they're other kind of incentives. You can get co-operation, you can get things you would usually pay for for free and all that.''