Lea Seydoux is proud to be a Bond girl that ''isn't defined by her sexuality''.

The 34-year-old actress is set to will her role as Dr. Madeleine Swann in 'No Time To Die' and suggests that her alter-ego is different to 'James Bond' movie beauties of the past.

Asked how her character has changed since 2015's 'Spectre', She told Italian magazine IO Donna: ''You will be surprised, because she is not a typical Bond girl, just like the film, which has nothing in common with 'Spectre'.

''My role is more intense, more complex: she is a character that I hope women will like... They can identify with her. Madeleine Swann is neither a secret agent nor a superpowered heroine.

''She is a woman represented in all her vulnerability. She is imperfect, a little awkward. I don't want to reveal the plot, but it's a character that James Bond wants to save. She is the first Bond girl who isn't defined by her sexuality.''

Seydoux will appear opposite Daniel Craig - who is making his final appearance as 007 in the movie - and she believes her co-stars version of Bond is the ''most touching''.

She said: ''He gives off a sense of impenetrability. He is mysterious. At the same time, below the surface, he is deeply human.

''I find that all of the James Bonds, Daniel is the most touching. I think 007 is his most successful role: he embodies it perfectly.

''Daniel is like a coconut: on the surface it is hard, but on the inside is tender. I recognise myself in him.''

'The French Dispatch' star also revealed that she wanted to be Marlon Brando, naming him as the actor she admires the most, as she sees similarities between the pair.

Lea explained: ''I always wanted to be Marlon Brando! When I first saw him on screen, I recognised myself.

''That rough aspect, that presence, that indomitable side, are things that I know well. I maybe a woman, but I have a more masculine than feminine nature.''