Lea Seydoux believes James Bond is a ''sexual object''.

The 34-year-old actress - who reprises her role as Dr Madeleine Swann opposite Daniel Craig as 007 in 'No Time To Die' - insisted the suave spy has always been ''sexualised'' for female viewers to ogle but believes the MI6 agent is one of the few male characters to be depicted that way.

She told the May issue of Britain's Harper's Bazaar magazine: ''I think what we forget is that James Bond is also a sexual object. He's totally a sexual object. He's one of the few, maybe one of the only, male characters to be sexualised.

''I think that women, they love to see Bond, no? To see his body. No? Don't you think? I love to see sexy men in bathing suits.''

And Lea believes women in the movies now are portrayed as more than just sex objects.

She said: ''We are not here to please Bond's sexuality.''

The French star loves the fact her own character is more than just a ''stereotype'' and comes across as being a ''real woman''.

She said: ''My character is not a stereotype. It's not clichéd. She's a real woman, and an interesting woman. That's what we needed.''

Lea's co-star Ana De Armas - who will play Paloma in the film - recently praised the depiction of the female characters of the new movie, including Lashana Lynch, who is rumoured to be taking on the 007 agent number as her alter ego Nomi because Daniel Craig's Bond has retired from MI6.

She said: ''It's pretty obvious that there is an evolution in the fact that Lashana is one of the main characters in the film and wears the pants - literally. I wear the gown. She wears the pants.''

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