Almost a year after Cory Monteith’s death from a drug overdose, Lea Michele might be moving on. According to several news outlets, the Glee actress and singer has a new man in her life, one Matthew Paetz. The two reportedly met on-set for Michele’s latest video, On My Way. Paetz is the dude standing up with Michele in the convertible, by the way, not the video’s main love interests. Also, don’t stand up in convertibles is probably good advice to mention at this point.

Lea Michele
Is Lea Michele dating her On My Way co-star.

"She had just come from Coachella where she was missing Cory incredibly," a source told Us Weekly. "(The video shoot) was a big party and a really therapeutic moment for her."

The one fact about Michele’s alleged new love interest that’s got everyone talking is that Paetz was reportedly once a male escort. TMZ reports that Matthew once moonlighted as "Christian" for the site Cowboys4Angels, charging women $350 for a single hour of his time. Which begs the question... do people really spend that much on an escort?

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He has moved on from that and is trying to make a name for himself as a dating and lifestyle coach. Well, if he’s managed to win the affections of Lea Michele, he must be on to something there. 

Lea Michele
Michele has not been linked to anyone else since Cory Monteith's tragic death almost a year ago.