LCD Soundsystem have landed their first number one album in the US.

The New York rockers' aptly-titled record 'American Dream' has shot straight to the summit of the Billboard 200 Album Chart after selling 85,000 units, 81,000 of which were traditional album sales, according to figures from Nielsen Music.

The record was released on September 1 and the figures were recorded up to the week ending September 7.

'American Dream' - the band's fourth studio album - is also thought to have benefited from a concert ticket/album bundle promotion as part of their upcoming US tour.

The record hit the number three spot in the UK chart.

It was the group's first album in more than seven years, a follow up to 2010's 'This Is Happening', which peaked at number 10 on the Billboard chart.

LCD are fronted by James Murphy, and he recently admitted the band had plans for Leonard Cohen to appear on their latest album, but the music legend sadly died in November 2016.

He said: ''When I worked on the last song of the record, I said I wanted a spoken word bit done at the end.

''I said it would be amazing to have Lou Reed on the end of that song but he'd died. But then I said, 'I feel like I could talk to Leonard Cohen, let's call Leonard Cohen and maybe he'll do it,' and then he died like three days later and I'm like, 'F**k off.' I'm not going to ask anybody else because they're just going to die.''