Rocker James Murphy insisted on having lyrics sheets taped to the stage during LCD Soundsystem's shows because he never knew the words to their songs.
Former frontman Murphy admits he improvised during studio sessions and, as a result, no two renditions of his hits were ever the same - and he needed paper prompts to help him complete concerts.
He tells Britain's Shortlist magazine, "I just made all that stuff up every time, and had those notes to help me go down the right path. Each performance was different, the words caught on record just happened to be the words I sang that day.
"I always used to like it when we were at a festival in Europe or something, and these kids up front would be singing our songs back at us, and you could see them getting all self-conscious because they were getting s**t wrong. I always wanted to say, 'Don't beat yourself up. You're right. You know the words, but I don't.'"
The cult band played its final show for fans at Madison Square Garden in New York last year (11).