The Lawson boys are too lazy to buy each other Christmas presents.

The 'When She Was Mine' hitmakers - formed of Andy Brown, Ryan Fletcher, Joel Peat and Adam Pitts - never buy each other Christmas or birthday presents because they're ''typical lazy lads''.

Bass player Ryan Fletcher told BANG Showbiz: ''I wish we did. We tend to all go big before Christmas, before we all go our separate ways.

''I feel like we should have some sort of Secret Santa but we never do and never get each other birthday presents or Christmas presents. I think it's just typical lazy lads, but we know the thought is there.''

The 23-year-old band member added: ''We're all going to go home and gain weight with our families. It's going to be lovely.''

Ryan is having the traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings on Christmas Day and has always been banned from the kitchen - until this year.

He joked: ''I'm not trusted with the main course but at the same time I fancy it. I'm going to get involved.''

After Christmas has ended, the fun won't stop for Ryan who is hoping to join his dad on a trip to Dubai.

He said: ''I might be going away on holiday with my family because my dad is going away to Dubai and I'm attempted to jump on a flight with him and join him. So I don't know.

''I don't know whether to stay low with my friends or go away with my family for New Year's Eve.''