The second album can often be the most difficult task for some bands. For Lawson, considering how their debut album went platinum, they certainly felt the pressure with their second. "I think it's pressure in a good way, really", explained Andy Brown, the band's lead vocalist when he spoke to Contact Music recently. This pressure helped push them to record at the prestigious Blackbird Studios in Nashville, leading to a discussion about how their music translates to an American audience.

'Roads' is the first Lawson single released in America'Roads' is the first Lawson single released in America

Having fully discussed the feelings of working in Nashville, and how the studio effected their musical output, the Liverpool-based band took to discussing the possibility of working in America more often. "We love American music; some of our favourite bands are American" explained Brown. He continued to reveal how their work in Nashville and Los Angeles had led to them using American producers on both albums, influencing their music with an American vibe. 

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Brown revealed an exciting development for the band in the form of a record deal with a group led by Randy Philips, a man who had previously worked with Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, and Prince. This helped with the release of their single 'Roads', which was the first single the band released in the United States. "We really wanted to make sure that we waited until the right time, and I think that the first album was a little too soon," confessed Brown.

"'Roads' is the perfect song to help us have success in America," he revealed, explaining how it had come at the right time, with the right influences, and the right team behind it. That said, he discussed how the American market can be tricky to contend with, and how even if the song is a hit, it could take a year for it to fully catch on.