Laverne Cox is ''grateful'' she didn't have facial feminisation surgery like Caitlyn Jenner.

The 'Orange Is The New Black' star has admitted she didn't go through with the procedure and says she has ''learnt to love and accept'' everything which makes her transgender.

She explained: ''Years ago I wanted to have the kind of cosmetic facial feminisation surgery that Caitlyn [Jenner] has made popular in terms of people's understanding.

''But I didn't have the money to do it. I'm so blessed and grateful that I didn't because I would look completely different. I've had to learn to love and accept all those things about me that make me distinctly trans: my broad shoulders, my big hands and feet, my deep voice.''

And the 31-year-old actress also admitted she gets a lot of compliments on her looks but worries it's just because people think she is beautiful for a trans person.

She added to Nylon magazine: ''When Caitlyn's Vanity Fair cover came out, the language that people were using was deeply misogynist - she looked beautiful according to very specific standards, and that's deeply problematic.

''So many people on my social media pages say, 'You're gorgeous,' and who doesn't like hearing that?'' she said. ''But it made me think: Are people saying I'm beautiful for a trans person? Are they saying I'm beautiful because they couldn't tell I'm trans? I mean, you can find blogs where people are like, 'Laverne Cox is drop-dead gorgeous,' and there are other blogs saying I have 'linebacker proportions.'''