SIR Laurence Olivier's widow DAME Joan Plowright dodged a question about the late actor's rumoured homosexual affairs yesterday (27AUG06) by simply recalling he had "demons". Plowright was asked on BBC Radio 4's DESERT ISLAND DISCS show whether there was any truth in reports Olivier had relationships with actor HENRY AINLEY in the 1930s, and with actor Danny Kaye. She replied, "I don't think there is any need to defend his memory. His performances, his greatness as an artist are there. "If a man is touched by genius he is not an ordinary person. He does not lead an ordinary life. He has extremes of behaviour which you understand and you just find a way not to be swept overboard by his demons. "Such men are also normally attended by demons. And he would fight to overcome those demons. Sometimes he would and sometimes he wouldn't." Olivier died in 1989 aged 82.