Former supermodel Lauren Hutton's recent vacation in Hawaii almost ended in tragedy after she collided with a fellow surfer.
The 65 year old was paddling in the shallow waters off the coast of Hawaii earlier this month (Apr09) when a teenage surfer inadvertently slammed his board into her knee - and accidentally dragged her out to sea.
Hutton panicked when she found herself unable to take control of the situation.
She tells the National Enquirer, "I couldn't stand or swim. I was screaming, 'Save me! Save me!'"
But Hutton had a lucky escape when the surfer heard her cries for help and carried her back to the safety of the shore, where she was treated for cuts and bruises and a damaged knee ligament.
Hutton is no stranger to near-death accidents - she fell from a motorbike in October 2000 and suffered multiple leg and arm fractures, broken ribs, a punctured lung, cuts and bruises.