Graham played stage and screen star Bishop's contentious daughter on the cult programme in the early 2000s, but offscreen, Bishop tells that she often gave friendly advice to the younger actress, especially when it came to dating.

Bishop says, "I was always giving Lauren advice on her love life - from experience to advice to opinion. We had lots of discussions about that."

The actress adds that during their seven-season run, she attempted to set Graham up with Krause, whom she had reconnected with when they played siblings on drama Parenthood in 2009.

Bishop says, "She doesn't remember this, but a long time ago, we were talking about the latest unworthy person. She is a very bright woman, and I always thought the guys she was going out with weren't smart enough for her... and I say, 'You know, I've been watching this show I love called Six Feet Under, and there's this guy...' and she says, 'I know, Peter Krause.' And I said, 'I think you two would make the greatest couple.' She said, 'That's all very nice. We worked together years ago and there was some attraction, but he's married.' I went, 'Oh, OK, that's it!'...

"All these years go by and I send her a birthday email - 'Happy birthday. Love, TV Mom' - and she writes back (in March) and says, 'I didn't tell you this, but I've been seeing Peter Krause since December. We've been an item; we're going together.' I said, 'That is so fabulous!'

"I saw her a couple (of) years ago when she was in New York and reminded her of that conversation and she didn't remember it... I am so happy for her."

Krause was previously married to Christine King, and they share a 13-year-old son, Roman, together, while Graham previously dated actor Matthew Perry.