Actress Lauren Graham is "humbled" to have landed a book deal for her first novel - because publishing bosses picked up the project before it was even finished.
The actress, who plays a budding playwright in U.S. TV series Parenthood, is currently working on the semi-autobiographical tome You'll Never Make It, about an aspiring actress who works as a waitress in New York while waiting for her big break.
Random House executives snapped up the rights to the book in April (11) - but Graham admits she had barely written anything when the deal was made.
Now she's feeling the pressure to turn in her work on time and she's already fearing what book critics will have to say about her debut novel.
She says, "I am writing a book... I started writing something and it wasn't finished (but) I showed it to someone and they bought it! I feel extremely humbled by the whole thing, especially because it isn't finished. And so it went from this little side passion project I was doing in my off hours to my senior (college) thesis all over again because now I have a deadline.
"And it's like, why can't I pick up a hobby like skiing, where people can't review you?"