'The Only Way Is Essex' star Lauren Goodger suffered a terrifying ordeal just hours after opening her own beauty salon after the building was petrol bombed over night at its location in Epping Forest, Essex. Pictures revealed in the London Evening Standard show Lauren's newly renovated property boarded up following the arson attack, a sharp contrast to those taken during the day time yesterday which saw a smiling Goodger in front of the press.
The blaze reportedly started at 10pm at the same time the reality star was out with friends at the cinema and it was revealed that on Tuesday too the salon had come under attack from hoodlums throwing eggs, leaving the property's landlord reluctant to open - with good reason as it's turned out. A source told the newspaper "The night before she had windows egged and one was broken. Lauren was really upset but just put it down to kids being silly. Now the landlord is not sure whether she wants to continue having Lauren's Way at the premises. Lauren is absolutely devastated and thinks someone really has it in for her."
Later on a spokesperson for Essex Police released a statement that said "We were contacted shortly before 10pm on Wednesday after reports of a burglary at a boutique in Queen's Road. Officers found the property on fire and helped to evacuate people from a nearby flat," continuing "Firefighters extinguished the blaze, which caused minimal damage to the property. Our officers remain at the scene and are trying to establish who set fire to the shop." There have been no arrests made yet.