Laura Marling is releasing her new album, 'Song For Our Daughter', early to ''provide some sense of union'' during the COVID-19 battle.

The 30-year-old singer/songwriter will drop her first solo LP since 2017's 'Semper Femina' on April 10 now, having previously planned to drop it in the summer.

The British star also revealed that the record is deeply personal as she gets candid about her ''nonsensical experience of trauma and an enduring quest to understand what it is to be a woman in this society''.

In a statement posted on her social media profiles, she explained her decision, writing: ''My new album 'Song For Our Daughter' is coming out this week, ahead of our planned schedule

''In light of the change to all our circumstances, I saw no reason to hold back on something that, at the very least, might entertain, and at its best, provide some sense of union.

''It's strange to watch the facade of our daily lives dissolve away, leaving only the essentials; those we love and our worry for them.

''An album, stripped of everything that modernity and ownership does to it, is essentially a piece of me, and I'd like for you to have it.

''I'd like for you, perhaps, to hear a strange story about the fragmentary, nonsensical experience of trauma and an enduring quest to understand what it is to be a woman in this society.

''When I listen back to it now, it makes more sense to me than when I wrote it.''

Laura gave the first taste of her new music with the lead single, 'Held Down'.

All of the musician's 2020 tour dates have been postponed due to the pandemic.

Laura was due to kick off her 'Laura Marling Solo' run of gigs in Manchester on May 22, before heading to Birmingham a day later, followed by a hat-trick of London dates on May 27, 28, and 29.

Before the UK leg of her tour, the 'Goodbye England' hitmaker - who won the BRIT Award for Best British Female Solo Artist in 2011 - was also set to tour Europe.

Meanwhile, in 2017, Laura spoke about previously ditching music to become a yoga instructor.

The 'Master Hunter' hitmaker said she took some time away from the music industry as she felt she ''had no identity'' and was ''socially bankrupt''.

She said: ''I had no identity. It was really, really, really difficult. I was socially bankrupt. [It was a] very null time. I didn't feel like I had a gender in a weird way - I'd lost a lot of weight so I didn't really have any feminine features. I looked like a young boy. It was quite a good experience of being a non-sexual presence in the world, like a eunuch.''

However, it didn't quite work out how she had planned as Laura admits she wasn't a very good yoga instructor.

She added: ''You need to know a lot more than I know to do it well.''