Laura Marling removes herself from her own music.

In the past, the folk star has claimed she doesn't write songs to get known, and revealed her lyrics are often detached from her own life and experiences.

Speaking to The Observer newspaper, she said: ''That's my trick. Weaving emotion around personification, of beasts, of wilds.

''There's a level of conscious removal. I don't see a time where I'm ever going to sit and sing with my heart on my sleeve.''

The 23-year-old musician admitted on her new record 'Once I Was An Eagle' she bares herself more than she has in the past.

She added: ''[It's closer] than before, certainly. This album is definitely a step towards being more ... plain in my song writing, I suppose.

''As I've gotten older, more comfortable with myself, I've become more comfortable channeling honesty into song writing.''

Laura added she likes being detached at times, which prompted her move from London to Los Angeles, giving her the opportunity to spend time on her own but not be restricted by constant isolation.

She explained: ''If you're someone like me, who likes to be alone but doesn't want to be lonely, this is a very good place to be. England is not. I think I can say that.''