When 05.10.2012

'The Savages' star Laura Linney talks at a press junket about her upcoming new comedy movie 'The Details' at New York's Regency Hotel. She is asked if she has any crazy neighbour stories given the fact that she plays the role of the eccentric neighbour Lila in the movie. 'There was this woman who lived on the first floor of my building who we were all terrified of as kids', she recalls. 'She was a shut-in, an agoraphobe, had lots and lots of cats.'

She also sees the film as a tale of morals and 'consequences', describing the 'thrill and addiction of being dangerous with your life'. She explains that she is currently filming the final series of comedy drama TV series 'The Big C' in which she plays the cancer stricken Cathy Jamison, but admits that she has no future movie plans at the moment.


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