Actress Laura Linney felt like "an old tart" on the set of her new movie PS because she was the only one who had movie sex experience.

The LOVE ACTUALLY star has sex with actor Topher Grace's character in the film and had to direct him and director Dylan Kidd when it came to the lovemaking scene.

She explains, "I hold Topher Grace's cinematic virginity. It was the first time that he had done a scene like this and it was the first time that the director had done a scene like this.

"The two of them, God bless them, were just breaking out in hives. They were both so nervous and I found myself all of a sudden being the senior person on the set.

"I've done a few of these before so I felt like an old tart. I was like, 'Let me tell you what to do, boys.'"

14/10/2004 09:30