Actress Laura Linney has defended her decision to wed so soon after best pal Natasha Richardson's death - because the late Brit's family and friends needed something to lift their spirits after the tragedy.
The Kinsey star admits she was so devastated following Richardson's 2009 skiing accident death she considered postponing her nuptials two months later - but then she remembered how much her friend had been looking forward to the wedding.
She tells the new issue of More magazine, "It (tragedy) changed all of our lives. Those of us who knew and loved her and benefited from the incredible talent will never be the same.
"We actually thought about postponing the wedding. She would have been there. Of all my friends, she was the one who was most annoyed that we were taking so long. She was so happy when we got engaged, and she kept saying, 'When is this wedding happening?' We were on the phone a lot about the plans."
And Linney admits she was delighted when Richardson's widower Liam Neeson - her Kinsey co-star - and so many other mutual friends could be a part of the Connecticut wedding.
She adds, "We all needed something to be happy about."
Neeson actually agreed to walk Linney down the aisle on her big day. The actress wed Marc Schauer in May 2009.