Laura Linney thinks social networking encourages bullying.

The 'Hyde Park on Hudson' actress isn't a fan of sites such as Facebook or Twitter because as well as allowing users to be subjected to abuse, it also means they find it harder to interact on a face-to-face basis.

She said: ''I'm sick of it. Exhausted. And it makes me numb and that's dangerous. People are just under a barrage. There's no time to think and people aren't making their own opinions. And it makes intimacy almost impossible. And I find that worrisome, really worrisome. What's going to happen in time, with a generation of people who have that kind of ADD?''

The 49-year-old actress - who is married to Marc Schauer - also spoke out about her views on fidelity but said she would never judge on what people do in their own private relationships.

When asked if there's honesty, fidelity is a luxury, Laura said: ''I can't say if that's OK or not OK. Is it OK to deceive people? No. Is it OK to take advantage of people? No. Does it happen all the time? Yes. Do I think it's OK? It's not my business. I know how I would be comfortable but I can't speak for anybody else.''