The Truman Show star was 49 when she finally fell pregnant with her first child, and she chose not to announce the news to the world, as many other celebrities do, because she was simply concerned she may encounter possible complications as a mature first-time mum.

"I was an older mother-to-be, and it had taken me a very long time to have a child," she explained on U.S. morning show Live! With Kelly. "I wanted to make sure that my child actually arrived, and was safe and healthy. I just was very quiet about it - I didn't hide it intentionally, I just didn't advertise it. So it was the right thing for me and my family."

However, Laura claims people didn't pay much attention to her when she was in her third trimester, until she actually gave birth to son Bennett Armistead in January, 2014.

"I was going to the theatre when I was eight months pregnant, no one said a thing," the now-52-year-old laughed. "I mean, I wasn't hiding (it)!"

"Then when I actually had the baby, this big deal was made about, 'She was secret, secret, secret!'," she explained. "I just didn't (hold up) a sign that said, 'Hi, I'm pregnant now.'"

Little Bennett is Laura's only child with her realtor husband Marc Schauer, who she wed in 2009.

She was previously married to David Adkins, who she divorced in 2000 after five years as husband and wife.