Laura Linney admits people are surprised at how good-looking she is in real life.

The 'Hyde Park on Hudson' actress says she is often complimented on her looks as fans don't think she comes across great on the big screen.

She said: ''I'm no one. I'm not Bill [Murray]. I'm not a tentpole of culture. People can get nervous around me but that's just a weird sense of celebrity.

''The one thing I do get is that people are surprised I'm better-looking than they think I'm going to be. There's that. And that throws me sometimes.

''It's double-edged. Every once in a while I'm like: 'Oh, OK ... good. And then I'm like, well ...' People are so surprised! 'Oh! You're good-looking!' Well, thanks ...''

While Laura, 49, is happy for people to compliment her on her looks, she says she can't stand it when people judge others on their sex life.

She said: ''America's very puritanical. That's in our heritage. That's why I think people are so judgmental about people's sexual needs. Everyone wants to get in everybody's sexual business. It's fascinating and it freaks people out. But it's been going on forever. In every country. Since the beginning of time. Would I like to be in that situation? Absolutely not. Could I survive that? No. But many people do.''