Broadchurch is back on ITV with its second series in the New Year and it looks like the British crime drama is just as fraught and emotional as its first outing. A one-minute trailer for the show has been released and its main stars, David Tenant and Olivia Coleman who play detectives Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller, do not have happy faces.

Laura Doggett
Laura Doggett's fresh, new talent features on the Broadchurch second series trailer

This could be down to one of two things: the plot is alive with difficult situations for its characters; or they wanted to provide a sense of continuity with the track behind the one-minute clip called Old Faces by emerging talent, Laura Doggett.

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The song is cinematic in its soundscape with a true depth and intensity and its poignant seductive nature provides the perfect background to the successful series.

The first series centred on the search for the murderer of a young boy and won near-universal acclaim for both its writing and acting.

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The plot for the second series was confirmed and has been described as a focus on how the shattered community rebuilds itself after the revelations of series one instead a second murder.

The tagline for the new series is: "same town: new secrets". But what that means is anybody’s guess...

Old Faces is available for pre-order now. To watch the Broadchurch trailer, click here