Metallica star Lars Ulrich has paid tribute to the band's late bassist Cliff Burton to mark the 25th anniversary of his death.
Burton joined the group in 1982 and played with the rockers until his death in a tour bus crash in Sweden on 27 September, 1986.
Ulrich marked the anniversary by hailing Burton as a huge influence on him and bandmate James Hetfield, insisting he broadened "Metallica's horizons musically".
He tells Revolver magazine, "You could certainly argue that me and James at that time were more kind of the squarer guys, because we were more like, 'Motorhead, Iron Maiden!' Heavy metal T-shirts, and long hair and bang our heads into the wall.
"Cliff was just so fast in his palette of things that he was into and things that were inspiring him and the things that he was doing. So it was definitely his music, and his attitude, and his approach towards life that really inspired me and James to broaden our horizons, broaden Metallica's horizons musically.
"I would've been interested to see what else he could've contributed, because it felt like we were just getting started. So when I think of Cliff, that's what I think... that just kind of variety and unpredictability, you know."