The Enter Sandman hitmakers declared war on online file-sharing services when they launched a lawsuit against Napster in 2000 for copyright infringement, which contributed significantly to the site's closure the following year (01).

The band received waves of negative publicity over the court fight, but Ulrich is adamant the furore had a positive outcome as it taught him how to deal with the sort of savage criticism that accompanied the announcement of their headline set at Glastonbury in 2014.

Asked if he was stung by comments that a heavy metal band has no place at the iconic British music event, the drummer tells Q magazine, "No. I have the ability to compartmentalise most of that stuff into a deep, dark place in the back of my brain where I don't go very often.

"I'm a big boy. I can handle the insults and there's been lots of them ever since we put an acoustic guitar on our second record. There was some small online file-sharing thing that you might have heard about too."