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5th February 2017

Fact: Revered U.S. broadcaster Larry King has paid tribute to his ex-wife, former Playboy bunny Alene Akins, after revealing her passing on Friday (03Feb17). "So very saddened over the passing of Alene Akins, who died peacefully with our children Chaia and Andy by her side," he posted on Twitter. "She was a grand lady." The couple was married twice, first from 1961 to 1963, and again from 1967 to 1972.

10th April 2014

Tweet: "Congratulations to Stephen Colbert for succeeding David Letterman. He should be terrific!" Veteran broadcaster Larry King celebrates the news that comedian Colbert will take over as the host of America's the Late Show once Letterman retires next year (15).

18th July 2012

Fact: Newsman Larry King has launched a new internet talk show, Larry King Now, on the website, admitting he "missed the action" after stepping down from his daily CNN programme in 2010. His first interviews online will be with filmmakers Oliver Stone and Seth MCFarlane and actress Betty White.

12th March 2012

Fact: Legendary newsman Larry King is launching his own Internet TV network called Ora.TV, which will begin programming in the U.S. and Latin America later this year (12). The 78 year old, who retired from his longtime hosting job on CNN talk show Larry King Live at the beginning of 2011, will front a similar series on the new network.

19th October 2011

Fact: Larry King is to be honoured by New York's famed Friars Club next month (Nov11). The TV veteran will be treated to a testimonial dinner instead of the organisation's usual comedy roast. Guests at the 14 November (11) event will include Joan Rivers, Jon Bon Jovi and Tony Bennett.

24th August 2011

Quote: "I think he's alright. But I think he interrupts way too much. If Piers asked me for advice, I'd just say, 'Allow your guest to finish the answer and keep yourself out of the context of the interview. Let your guest be the star.'" Former CNN newsman Larry King isn't impressed by his replacement Piers Morgan's abrasive interviewing style.

24th February 2011

Quote: "I miss asking questions, I miss interviewing... you want to be in the mix when you're not in the mix." Veteran broadcaster Larry King is still adjusting after leaving his longrunning U.S. talk show in December (10).

19th December 2010

Fact: Revered U.S. newsman Larry King's final CNN talk show on Thursday night (16Dec10) finished on top form - the last ever LARRY KING LIVE was watched by 2.24 million people across America, more than triple the show's usual audience viewing figures in the 25 years he's been on air.

22nd November 2010

Fact: British comedian Russell Brand treated revered U.S. newsman Larry King to a unique rendition of Happy Birthday when he appeared on LARRY KING LIVE on Friday (19Nov10) to celebrate the host turning 77.

22nd September 2010

Quote: "Short of being elected Pope, I'm not sure what job I could have landed that would have attracted a bigger reaction." British journalist-turned-TV personality Piers Morgan felt overwhelmed by the congratulatory messages he received following the announcement he is to replace Larry King on his CNN talk show.

2nd July 2010

Quote: "I don't know Piers Morgan, I've never seen him work... but I hear he's very good." Newsman Larry King on reports Brit Piers Morgan will take over his nightly timeslot on CNN when his Larry King Live show comes to an end later this year (10).

11th May 2010

Fact: Hip-hop superstar T.I. will open up about his time behind bars to U.S. newsman Larry King on Thursday (13May10) after the veteran CNN presenter landed the LIVE YOUR LIFE hitmaker's first post-prison TV interview for his talk show LARRY KING LIVE. The rapper was incarcerated for nine months for weapons charges and was released from a Georgia jail in March (10).

19th January 2010

Fact: Actor/rocker Jared Leto snapped up CNN newsman Larry King's elastic braces during the broadcaster's Haiti: How You Can Help special on Monday night (18Jan10) - adding $1,000 (£625) to the appeal to help the devastated nation following last Tuesday's (12Jan10) earthquake.

18th January 2010

Fact: Seal will sing The Impressions' People Get Ready during newsman Larry King's Haiti benefit special on CNN on Monday night (18Jan10).

30th November 2008

Fact: American chatshow veteran Larry King was left red-faced on Friday (28Nov08) when he bumped into a stationary Maserati on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles as he attempted to park his own car.

17th October 2008

Fact: U.S. vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will make a cameo appearance on TV comedy sketch series Saturday Night Live this week (18Oct08), talk show host Larry King confirmed on his show Larry King Live on Thursday (16Oct08). Comedienne Tina Fey has been blamed for the Republican party's recent slip in the polls ahead of the election after impersonating Palin in recent weeks.

23rd April 2008

Fact: Anchorman Larry King has reportedly extended his employment contract with American TV network CNN to carry-on his live up until 2010. The extension will see the veteran host stay on the silver screen until he is 77 years old.

29th February 2008

Fact: R+B superstar Janet Jackson turned dance teacher on Thursday's (28Feb08) Larry King LIVE chat show when she attempted to teach the U.S. TV presenter her signature moves.

18th December 2007

Quote: "I've been, you know, in the entertainment field, I've done that. That's why I would never run for politics, Larry, because I'd be choking every opponent unconscious." Hollywood star and martial arts legend Chuck Norris tells U.S. TV host Larry King why he's not inspired to run for office.

6th December 2007

Quote: "They're as much my blood as I am theirs. And they are brothers and sisters. One came from Ethiopia, one from Vietnam, one from Cambodia, and one was born in Namibia. And they are brothers and sisters, and they have fun and they squabble and they fight, just like any other family. And it makes me so proud." Brad Pitt tells talkshow host Larry King how proud he is of his international family with girlfriend ANGELINA JOLIE.

23rd November 2007

Quote: "In all the years I've been in broadcasting, that was as weird as it gets." CNN anchorman Larry King on the first walk-out on his show LARRY KING LIVE - cosmetic surgeon DR. JAN ADAMS spent just 91 seconds on the newsman's show on Tuesday (20Nov07) before announcing he'd honour the wishes of Kanye West's family, who asked him not to appear on the show. Dr. Adams performed surgery on West's mother a day before she died on 10 November (07).

22nd November 2007

Quote: "You know, when I'm in the moment, it all seems a bit of a blur. But then watching it back on TIVo (TV downloading site), I'm like, 'Wow! I actually made it through and didn't look too bad.'" SPICE GIRL Melanie Brown tells the Larry King LIVE chatshow audience about her disbelief at how good her performances on US TV show Dancing With The Stars are.

10th August 2007

Quote: "If they're happy, then I'm happy." Melanie Brown tells U.S. talkshow host Larry King she is not bitter about her former flame Eddie Murphy's romance with Tracey Edmonds.

7th July 2007

Fact: The moment in Paris Hilton's recent television interview with U.S. newsman Larry King when she read from her jailhouse journal has been turned into a rock power ballad at website

26th June 2007

Quote: "I don't think it's such a bad thing being bumped by Paris Hilton. I understand the priorities of the country that I live in." Documentary maker Michael Moore on finding his Wednesday (27Jun07) TV chat with CNN newsman Larry King had been axed in favour of an interview with released jailbird Hilton.

13th April 2007

Quote: "Prince Charles has turned down all of my requests. I keep trying, though." Larry King Live host LARRY KING regrets he can't name the heir to the British throne among the 40,000 people he has interviewed during his 50 years as a broadcaster.

13th April 2007

Fact: Revered CNN talk show host Larry King dreams of interviewing Jesus Christ, insisting he'd ask, "Do you believe you were born of a virgin birth?" King celebrates his 50th anniversary in broadcasting with a string of special shows next week (beg16Apr07).

11th April 2007

Quote: "I have filled in for Larry King a number of times but I haven't got any time at the moment." Heather Mills confirms she has turned down the chance to host CNN talk show LARRY KING LIVE because she's too busy Dancing With The Stars.

5th April 2007

Fact: CROCODILE HUNTER star Steve Irwin's widow TERRI turned talk show host for CNN last night (04APR07) when she interviewed her daughter BINDI on Larry King LIVE, while the host was on vacation.

13th March 2007

Fact: The doctor who will perform US TV personality Regis Philbin's heart bypass operation performed similar surgery on Larry King and David Letterman.

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