Larry King has received high praise for his new Hulu web-series 'Larry King Now'. Though now 78-years-old and still sporting his trademark suspenders, King has effortlessly adapted to the internet format, and has an exciting list of guests booked for future shows.
Created in partnership with the new digital video network Ora TV, 'Larry King Live', is - according to the New York Times - an example of "how the Internet accommodates old age as easily as youth". King, who stepped down from his old talk show on CNN in 2010, essentially picks up where he left off on the new venture. Interviewing Family Guy star Seth Macfarlane on the first show, King showed why he's still one of the finest hosts in the game. The web series will see new taped episodes posted daily, four days a week. Mr King interviews most of the guests in his own home, next to his display case housing awards, photographs, trophies, baseballs and memorabilia. In a highlight moment from his first show, King told MacFarlane about Neil Simon claiming all comedy is based on tragedy, to which the Family Guy star replied, "I'm wondering how Adam Sandler's 'Jack and Jill' is based in tragedy".
Other guests joining King this week include 'Magic Mike' star Matthew Mcconaughey and blogger Meghan MCCain.