He might be pushing 80 now, but there's few who can deny that they miss seeing Larry King on TV screens after the legendary chat show host stepped down in 2010 after 25 years of hosting the CNN program 'Larry King Live', his departure complete when he stopped presenting specials of the show as of February 2012.
Well, whilst Cnn have Piers Morgan's smug face to wince at now, King will now be making a return elsewhere, with news that the veteran will be hosting a 30 minute entertainment and news show called 'Larry King Now'. The show will air in the early evening from Monday to Thursday on the video web site Hulu and the opening list of guests is a mighty one indeed. 'Family Guy' and 'Ted' creator Seth Macfarlane joined King for the show's debut last night, whilst Meghan MCCain appears tonight and Matthew Mcconaughey is the guest for tomorrow night. Impressive stuff.
"I have always been driven to innovate, from my time on radio, to the first call-in show on national television to being an early adopter of online columns and Twitter," King said in a statement. "I love being able to interact directly with audiences and digital TV allows me to do this in new and powerful ways". Hoorah! We say.