Larry King, the popular American television and radio host, has revealed that he wants to begin a career in stand-up comedy when he steps down as the host of 'Larry King Live' on December 16th 2010.
Speaking during a candid interview with the New York Magazine, King revealed that he'll be launching a comedy tour after stepping down from CNN, saying, "I'm funny. I'm going to do stand-up. That's what I love". In early September 2010, it was confirmed that King would be leaving CNN to be replaced by the former journalist and 'America's Got Talent' judge Piers Morgan. However, 77-year-old King revealed the details of his exit from the station, saying he quit in anger over only being offered a one-year contract extension, he said, "I just thought I'd get two years, maybe. What hurt me was not being used on the last election", adding, "They used to have me with Ann Richards and Bob Dole. They'd go to us every half-hour. Good stuff."
However, the host confirmed that he will be returning to host four specials a year for CNN, and revealed that he wanted the final guest on his show to be the New York Governor MARIO CUOMO.