U.S. talk show host Larry King has been hit with a lawsuit for more than $50,000 (£35,000) over a car crash last November (08).
King's company, Larry King Enterprises, and his driver are being sued by two unnamed motorists who claim the accident left them with serious injuries.
But King's wife Shawn has hit out at the allegations, insisting the couple who filed the lawsuits were "completely fine" after the accident and are eyeing a compensation payout because of her husband's star status.
Shawn tells TMZ.com, "This is a completely frivolous and fraudulent lawsuit. There was zero damage to both cars. Our driver has an excellent record and is extremely responsible. At the time of the incident, the people got out of the car, said they were completely fine.
"Our driver checked to see if they were okay. We have witnesses who will confirm that. They exchanged insurance information, and as soon as they saw Larry King Enterprises, they decided to go for what they assumed are deep pockets.
"These people went to an ambulance chaser for an attorney, and as though they were filling out a form to get the maximum amount of money they could, checked off every box possible. In return, they will be on the receiving end of a big, fat lawsuit."
Both sides are due in court in December (09).