TNT's reboot of 'Dallas' premieres on Wednesday evening (June 8, 2012), with fans anxious to discover what JR Ewing (Larry Hagman) and company have been doing over the last twenty years or so.
Critics have already got their hands on the first episode of the show, and reaction has been fairly positive. Tom Gliatto of People Weekly said, "It's both old and new, a comfy piece of nostalgia that doubles as a fresh guilty pleasure", while David Hinckly of the New York Daily News mused, "No one expects "Dallas" to have the kind of reach now that it had three decades ago. But between old fans who will enjoy a revisit and young folks who never even heard of Miss Ellie, TNT is placing a sound bet". He added, "It's also soapy, of course, not to mention campy. Hagman in particular hasn't lost an ounce of his villainous sleaze". TNT will air 10 episodes this summer, while the original series featured anywhere between twenty-two and thirty episodes each season. Speaking to, series star JOSH HENDERSON explained, "It moves fast. Larry has been quoted that a new episode of 'Dallas' is like five crammed into one. I don't think anyone will be disappointed or bored. A lot of stuff happens very quickly. I can't wait for people to see it".
Other new cast-members include Jesse Metcalfe - best known for his role in 'Desperate Housewives'.