The Hustler boss is a supporter of the right to bear arms as laid down in the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, but he fears the issue is heading for government intervention because of the increasing unease sparked by a series of recent atrocities.

He agrees it is wrong to make high-powered assault weapons available to all via popular sporting goods stores, and he predicts politicians will eventually act to curb firearms ownership to try to prevent more gun rampages.

Flynt tells Cover Media, "We've got more guns in this country than we have people. That's because of the Second Amendment of our Constitution. I have no problem with people being able to defend themselves, or being able to hunt as a sport, but the vast number of assault weapons that people buy in this country every year should not be available to the mass population.

"I think that, eventually, you will see gun control, because we will tolerate these continuing mass killings for only so long. Change will have to be made."

The issue of gun control is high on the public agenda in the U.S. following a number of grisly massacres in recent years, including the Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut in 2012, which left 28 dead, and the rampage at a cinema in Colorado the same year, which claimed 12 lives.