Movie actress Lara Flynn Boyle is finding it difficult to get work because of her dramatic recent weight loss.

The MEN IN BLACK II star has startled friends with her emaciated figure since she split from lover Jack Nicholson earlier this year (03), and concluded her six-year stint on American TV show The Practice.

Now Lara's worrying appearance is reportedly putting off casting directors.

One says, "She's so skinny that directors feel she should change her name to Lara Thynn Boyle."

An insider says, "Lara's been called in for many readings, but when the casting directors see her, they're shocked.

"They're so accustomed to seeing her on-screen that when they catch a glimpse of her bony arms and hollow cheeks in real life, they're stunned."

And the 33-year-old's weight loss might not just be causing career problems.

A doctor who's seen Lara says, "She is so thin that it is worrying. Her health could be in jeopardy."

But Lara's pals say the actress is also concerned about her appearance and is determined to do something about it.

One says, "Lara loves acting too much to let her weight problem end her career. She finally realises she has to do something."

24/10/2003 13:37