Lara Bingle was a name that was relatively unknown to many of us until the news on Monday morning that Sam Worthington had beenarrested in New York City. A fight allegedly broke out between Avatar star Worthington and a photographer, with the actor claiming that the pap had kicke Bingle, with whom he has been romantically involved with since October 2013. The photographer has since claimed that Lara attacked him first, allegedly lashing out at him as he attempted to take a photograph of her as the couple were leaving a restaurant.

lara bingle sam worthingtonLara Bingle has been compared to Kim Kardashian

Amid all of the news surrounding the argument, defence lawyer Ronald Kuby’s has made the claim that “Lara Bingle is a lot like Kim Kardashian”. If you’re confused by Kuby’s statement, let us clear things up for you.

Lara Bingle in a 26 year old Australian model, TV personality and socialite who rose to fame after starring in an ad campaign for Australian tourism back in 2006. She has since appeared on Nine Network’s celebrity ice dancing show Torvill and Dean’s Dancing on Ice as well as an Ashes ad for the same channel. In 2011 she competed in Australia’s version of Dancing With The Stars while in 2012 she was the subject of her reality television show, Being Lara Bingle, which received with mixed reviews.  We wonder if, as the title of the show suggests, Bingle and the network were alluding to Spike Jonze's Being John Malkovich.  The film deals with the loss of privacy and identity, perhaps this is something Lara has struggled with and she was trying to subliminally declare this to her fans?  Or perhaps not.

Lara BingleLara Bingle - The Austalian Kim Kardashian?

Since 2010 Bingle has been signed to US modeling agency Elite, and has appeared on the covers of WhoGrazia, Woman’s Day and OK! magazine, among others. She has recently announced intentions to develop her own fashion brand of lingerie and basics.

In 2013 Bingle began dating Hollywood actor and fellow Australian, Sam Worthington, who on Sunday night was arrested, allegedly for defending her honour. Bingle had previously claimed that she is planning on relocating permanently to New York, as she doesn’t enjoy the constant press attention in her native Australia. Bingle told Woman’s Day magazine: “I don’t like the attention. We [Sam and Bingle] don’t get any peace. Sydney’s my home but I don’t like it. I can’t even go to the supermarket without getting papped”. Sadly, paparazzi attention comes with the territory of becoming a reality TV star/being in the centre of high profile fights in New York. Perhaps Kim Kardashian could have cleared that up for Lara, although we don’t think Kim minds it quite as much. It looks like that attention that Bingle fled Australia to escape may end up catching up with her in the States.