Lance Bass is going to spend a year planning his wedding.

The former *NSYNC star got engaged to boyfriend Michael Turchin in September and although they haven't started yet, he's hoping they will tie the knot before the end of 2014.

He told website Access Hollywood: ''It'll be next fall, for sure. We haven't even started yet. The sad thing about two guys planning a wedding is it's really hard - the wedding's usually for the bride, and they've been dreaming of it since they were two years old. With the guys, we're kind of a little easy going. So, I think it's gonna take us a good year to plan this thing.''

As there will be no bride, there will be no wedding dress, but Lance is keen for the ladies to be as glam as possible to make up for it.

He added: ''The one cool thing that I really want to do is, since there is no wedding dress, I want all the ladies to come completely in couture and just over-the-top high fashion - like we're going to the Met Ball or something.''

Lance - who has been dating Michael since December 2011 - is also about to launch his solo career, and is nervous about what the reception to his first song will be.

He said: ''I was in the studio this week. It's taken me 12 years to find the right song and I just found this amazing song that I fell in love with and recorded it just this week.

''It's gonna be out in a couple of weeks and I'm very nervous.''