Lance Bass had a brilliant weekend. He performed on Friday 30th August with Nsync for the first time since he came out as gay and became engaged to his long term boyfriend Michael Turchin.

Lance Bass and Michael Turchin
Lance Bass and Michael Turchin are engaged!

Bass confirmed his engaged by tweeting "He said yes! Love this man" on Sunday (1st September). He also attached a photograph on Instagram them together, Bass pointing to Turchin's hand where a ring was on display. According to People, Bass presented his fiancé with a black diamond engagement band. He even asked the permission of Turchin's parents by texting them beforehand. 

Bass had previously tweeted, after performing at the MTV Video Music Awards with NSYNC, how happy he was. He wrote "for the first time ever I got to perform with NSYNC as an out entertainer" and attached a photograph of Turchin adding "thinking of this man."

The couple have been dating since December 2011. Sources, speaking to Us Weekly, stated "they're such a great couple" and that "their friends and family are thrilled", also adding "everyone is so happy for them." This certainly seems to be the case as Bass has since tweeted thanking his Twitter followers for the "amount of love" the couple had been shown since announcing their engagement. 

Congratulations to Lance Bass and Michael Turchin on their engagement!

Lance Bass and Michael Turchin
The couple have been together since 2011.